Niña Mendoza { Participants selected for 2011 Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid


Welp, it’s about that time. After months and months of deliberations and late night listening sessions, we’ve made our decisions regarding the 60 applicants who will be invited to participate in the 2011 Academy in Madrid.

This year, we received a record 3,720 applications from highly qualified musicians spanning from Argentina to Albania, Zadar to Zimbabwe. All in all, 96 countries were represented by applicants, including Fiji and the Cook Islands for the first time. As you can imagine, since all applications and demos were thoroughly reviewed multiple times by members of our jury, the going wasn’t necessarily easy. But it was most assuredly inspiring. We loved hearing about leftfield beat parties in Singapore now acting as a hub for artists across South East Asia, and listening to the current crop of young multi-instrumentalists combining ethereal soul vocals with experimental electronics and heavyweight bass in countries from Estonia to Mexico. Seeing free jazz performed in India, subversive pop from Uruguay, and the funk renaissance in Russia is truly refreshing – and reminds us once more just how truly flat and intermingled the earth has become.

So, who exactly are those 60 artists who’ll travel to Madrid? Well, if you’ve been invited, you’ve heard from us, and if you didn’t get invited this year, you’ve also heard from us. Or at least you should have. If you applied and haven’t received an email yet, please drop a line to (after checking your spam mail, that is).

If you were not selected this year, never fear. In order to find the perfect mix of musical methodologies, instruments, genres and cultures, the jury had to turn down lots of incredibly qualified and musically amazing applicants. We sincerely hope that we will have a chance to hear more about your musical activities, and if you are willing to do us the honour once more, receive another application from you next year.

Regarding those who were invited, congratulations! We strongly believe in your unique vision, as well as your cojones to see that vision through. We look forward to meeting you in one of two terms at the Academy this fall, where you’ll be collaborating with musical peers from 33 countries. It’s going to be an adventure to say the least.

And for the rest of you spectators out there who didn’t apply, hold tight and see who will touch down in Madrid when the Academy kicks off on October 23, 2011.

Niña Mendoza { RBMA x Exclaim Remix Contest Winners – Get to Know Hexadecibel & Self Evident

Nouveau Palais – Drama (HxdB & Self Evident’s RMX) [CONTEST WINNER!!] : Forthcoming Surefire by ΗxdB

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

HxdB: My name is Severine Erickson, I call Vancouver home. I was a late bloomer.

Self Evident: My name is Ben Ulis aka Self Evident. I live to create, and to dance around like an idiot.

Why did you want to remix this track?

HxdB: I had first heard the original in a mix by Salva and instantly loved it. When I discovered that the track was up for remix I couldn’t pass up the chance. When Ben came into the picture the track took on a new direction and really began to blossom…I even pulled out my old Oberheim Xpander to give it more of a 80s feel. :)

Self Evident: I am a huge fan of all the artists that make up Nouveau Palais. Sev (HxdB) asked me to work on this remix with him, and I am very pleased that I did. Sev and I, have alot of chemistry and fun in the studio. We are both very stubborn, but we have alot of respect for eachother.

What are your thoughts on Red Bull Music Academy?

HxdB: From what I have seen and heard it is the pinnacle of creative alchemy. The artists that are chosen by and large have been some of my favorites over the years. It’s such a novel idea getting together so many amazing artists from such diverse backgrounds to learn and collaborate. I am like Ben too, I‘ve been meaning to apply, but waiting for the right time in my life to do so. Now is the time. :)

Self Evident: Red Bull Academy is a fantastic opportunity for musicians. I have had alot of positive feedback first hand from people who have attended it.

Electronic music is such a broad term, can you define what you do in that genre that sets you apart?

HxdB: Well, I’d like to think that I don’t really have a genre, that being said though I think that I bring a lot of different and eclectic influences to my music. I always like to have an idea of how people would react to the music if they were on a dance floor and I try to bring energy into my music with high emotional content. Since Ben and I have begun working in the studio so much, we have both really changed our approach to production and complemented each other’s styles so much and really created a new entity. As opposed to listing superlative buzz words to describe my sound, I would simply invite people to head over to my soundcloud to get a better understanding of who I am.

Self Evident: I am constantly filtering through masses of inspiration from everything that crosses my path. I have an open mind to all genres, and my music and sets reflect that. The real answer to this question is in the music, please visit my soundcloud.

Niña Mendoza { RBMA x Exclaim Remix Contest Winner Announced

Big congratulations to Hexadecibel & Self Evident, joint winners of the Red Bull Music Academy x Nouveau Palais ‘Drama’ Remix Contest. In addition to the remix being released by SureFire Sound, they’re also set to enjoy $1K in gear from Moog Audio.

Special thanks to everyone that contributed with an entry, or spread the word!

Nouveau Palais – Drama (HxdB & Self Evident’s RMX) [CONTEST WINNER!!] : Forthcoming Surefire by ΗxdB
Listen to Nouveau Palais – Drama (Hxdb & Self Evident’s Keep It Motel 6 Remix)
Nouveau Palais
Shot on location at Catalog Gallery, Gastown, working on tracks, a day after the epic Red Bull MegaHurtz event at W2 Woodwards in Vancouver, Canada. Listen to the original: Nouveau Palais – Drama

Get To Know:
Hexadecibel (Vancouver) Online | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Self Evident (Vancouver) Facebook | Soundcloud

Nouveau Palais is:
Prison Garde (Vancouver) Online | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Lunice (LuckyMe, Montreal) Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Ango (LuckyMe, Montreal) Online | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
*EP set to be released on LuckyMe this Summer 2011

Thanks from:
Red Bull Music Academy Online | Radio | Facebook | Twitter
Surefire Sound Online | Facebook | Twitter
Exclaim Online | Facebook | Twitter

- @NinaMendoza
Ango {

Pop Bottles

Ango and Shanks.


Ango, Happy.

[Note: please excuse the lack of literacy in this post, I am running on days and days of tired, and deleted my login info by accident -Rob PrisonGarde]

Whirlwind Tour.
11 dates down.
6 to go. (Kelowna, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Home. 6 shows, 6 days).

So many highlights. So little sleep. So much mayhem.
Forgetting shit everywhere. Losing our minds and possessions.
Running out of gas in -38 degree weather. Bruised Ribs. Rolling Mountains. Desert Horses. Failed Shooting Range Mission.
Hotspring Whisky Party. Hottubs. Castles. Coffee. Room Evictions & Pool Raids in the middle.

We have been rocking shows almost nightly, giving lectures and just generally having a great time with the Montreal/Vancouver/Toronto connection.
We have SO much great footage… I am psyched to come back post tour and start cutting it all up for you guys.

A gem for Canadian synth nerds out there, the Cantos national music centre in Calgary is without exception the highlight of the tour so far. It was also one of the best (and nerdiest) afternoons of our lives. A beautiful building which houses a DEEP collection of synthesizers, old tyne-based instruments, prepared pianos dating back to the 1500′s, insane pipe organs, and other random rare shit all paled in comparison to the Novachord… an instrument that not only produces some of the most ungodly tones on earth, but it is 1 of 4 known to be functioning on the planet. We have done a quick edit from our journey there, and would like to sincerely thank Brandon Smith for an amazing tour of the place, being a fantastic player that could fully demonstrate the strengths of particular instruments… and for letting us pick his brain about esoteric electronic topics for the entire afternoon.

Calgary is just amazing on so many levels… I really feel that if I didn’t love the ocean as much as I do, I would be there in a second. The Hi-Fi was rocking as usual. It was great to catch up with the dudes The Pirhana Pirhana duders, Fordino, Smalltown Romeo, Pete and Mandeep… they always treat musicians with real love.. and it was great to rock / with for them.

Rural Canada is a strange and wonderful place. Club owners are sometimes unfamiliar with the procedure and protocol for dudes playing their own music, and in some places both club owners and patrons think we are human jukeboxes (sorry, we just aren’t). There is always a strange moment when people get that look in their eye when they realize that “I am playing my own music right now” actually means “No requests, sorry dude”.

That being said, I will be more comfortable when we are back to playing a string of cities and not rural towns, despite good turnouts for all the lectures. Some quick highlights of the nights so far:

In Edmonton we found ourselves playing an amazing club called The Common that reminded us of our old Montreal stomping grounds, Blizzarts. We hung out with the staff most of the night: rad people across the board and a decent turnout for the talk. Surprisingly one of the best nights on the tour, we rocked out stadium style for a handful of folks, and ended up playing chopped and screwed heaters to close out the night in style.

Saskatoon was also among the best nights of the tour… We went on serious party mode and rocked the big ass PK sound rig for a really enthusiastic crowd right up to our boarding time at the airport. Rugged routing for sure, but the company that night was well worth the bags under our eyes.

Vancouver was rad aside from the weather, which prevented a bunch of folks from making it out for Pete’s Birthday, which we celebrated with great music and company. The Waldorf Hotel is my favourite new venue in Vancouver, and I am excited at the possibility of doing some programming there. It was nice to see a bunch of the family out (U-Tern, Ajk, Calamalka, Frank Grimes, Rich Media, Malcolm Levy, Chris Wang, Alex Rhek and a bunch of other folks all came though) and for the local fans to see what the team has been up to as of late. The talk was also great. I think there will be a lot of applicants (and hopefully participants?) from Vancouver this year.

Victoria is the home to two of my favourite people on the planet, specifically Kevin Eames and ‘Monolithium’ Chris. The team they roll with is second only to my own. shah. The Sunday night turnout exceeded any expectation I had and ended up being kind of crazy for a Sunday night. We sabered some bottles for our dudes, celebrating familiar turf and the great news that arrived for both Mr.Greene and Lunice (updates to come.. huge!). After our own show we were privy to a sneak preview of the new Monolithium tunes. We closed out the night at Tiny Smalls’ post-club pizza party. Dude goes hard with the records, cameras and pizza.

Kamloops saw a small turnout and a wicked dance party ending with one dude and 3 girls dancing around that one dude… whiling’ out with the bar owner to Lunice’s purple sounds. We also got a chance to catch up with high school stories and “”Trailer-Park-Boys-episodes based on people we know” Truro gossip. Ace venue, staggering distance from our hotel with decor straight out of my grandmothers living room. We tried to make it to the shooting range en route to Kelowna today. No luck. Snow can eat a dick.

3 hours a night sleep. Ungodly hours for flights. Shows are rocking. Too many inside jokes to mention. Boom. Jacques leaves us tomorrow. We get Nautiluss in the van for the rest of the dates. I hope he is ready for that dirty laundry smell.
Niña Mendoza { Video Update #3 – Cantos Music Foundation

We would like to like extend some gratitude to Brandon Smith for granting us permission to film at Cantos Music Foundation. In addition to being a really great host he is an incredible player and well versed synth historian. Thanks so much!

Video produced by Peter Hagge for Catalog Gallery & Red Bull Music Academy. Read more.

Visit the Cantos Music Foundation online.

Follow #RBMADestinationTokyo’s @Lunice, Jacques @Greeeeeene, @PrisonGarde@Ango84 & @Grahmzilla on Twitter

Synth Museum
Lunice { OK!

So Calgary was a night to remember! It was all good vibes, good music and good people. I’d have to say we each killed it pretty well. And that night was probably my best cookout so far (let that boy cook)!!!

Then came Saskatoon which blew my mind! Jacques Greene definitely DP that dance floor like byaaah!!! Whistler and Vancouver were definite good vibes! Something the crowd will for sure remember. And the man Ango killed it so hoard in Vancouver that it made me go back to the drawing board and re-up on my swag cause his swag went full 360 that night!

On a side note, I have this theory that the more me and Jacques Greene repeat rapper ad-libs the better our live/DJ set are haha. Just a theory… Swag. Woo. Chef. Burr.

Victoria, BC. Let’s git it…

Ango { }

Jacques Greene { Nina is joining the feral possee in a bit. iChat background battlez for now }
Prison Garde {

After what we can only describe as a ‘clarifying’ experience in Golden, we sought refuge in the urban safety zone known as Calgary, which we are amped to be playing this coming Wednesday.

For those that have never been to the HiFi club, know these things: it has great art, is an amazing venue, has great sound, and the people that go there are always down for a serious party. By sheer coincidence we caught up with some solid Vancouver music peoples (Humans, The Librarian, Ben Daega) and had a little bit of catch up time before some of us went to the hotel to cut video and do work. We lost Ango and Kenny.

We all met up in the lobby of our hotel the following morning, greeted by our new Montreal fam, The Habs. They were in town for some outdoor hockey fiasco. One of the Habs recognized Lunice from some TV commercial he danced in a few years ago, and somehow convinced him to perform his legendary Purp Walk in the lobby.

After buying us coffee they actually invited us to the game. We respectfully declined, as none of us had packed any of the required cryogenic couture needed for outdoor stadiums on a Feb night in Calgary.

We busted through the stunning mountainside all day, headed towards our Sunday night date in Fernie BC, and wound up arriving to a town with no hotel rooms! After a frantic search, we tracked down the last remaining 7 beds in the city (aka the “band room”). We won’t go into detail, but I will say this: what it lacked in hygiene, it made up for in nothing.

Once we arrived the venue, we split our time between a colossal plate of nachos and watching Rihanna’s NBA All Star half-time show…pure splendour! Happy belated birthday Rihanna!

After a quick info session, the townspeople of Fernie came out and really got down to it!

Kyle, our promoter set us up lovely with a great stageplot, lasers, a smoke machine and some Jameson to boot.

With the smoke machine on blast and the lazer powered upto 10, we did our best to transform the back of a ski pub into a NY warehouse.

I played a solid set of my new material, which was followed by Ango’s voice and vocoder virtuosities, Lunice’s live PA of Twerk, Warehouse and Rap bangers and a culmination w/ Greene’s reverence of R&B to Deep Club. He shut out the night in style.

We danced, we partied and were pleasantly surprised @ the turnout and the crowd’s vim and vigour, and might have even inspired a few folks. Fernie FTW, it went hard!

As we type, we’re driving though the mountainous relief on our way to Banff for the next 2 nights… staying in a hot-spring fed chalet. If you are a homie/ette that we know, come hang! I think we will have room. Bring Bourbon, it is SO cold up here.