Ariel Pink and R. Stevie Moore Unveil Limited 'Ku Klux Glam' Cassette

Ariel Pink and R. Stevie Moore Unveil Limited 'Ku Klux Glam' Cassette
Last year, Ariel Pink mapped out a handful of projects that he would be sharing in 2012, including a collaboration with fellow lo-fi recording guru R. Stevie Moore. Now, the details of that album's physical release, entitled Ku Klux Glam, have officially been announced.

A cassette version will drop on April 30 through Stroll On Records. A mere 100 copies have been created, each with a fold-out poster, so you might want to act swiftly and order one here.

This follows last month's digital release of Ku Klux Glam, which contained a whopping 61 tracks and is available as a $29 digital download over on Bandcamp. A 144-minute double-CD-R version is also available to order from Bandcamp, and double LP is planned as well.

The new cassette version contains just 20 tracks, and a press release notes that it is a "sampler of the Ku Klux Glam catalogue."

The songs are "split between flowery pop, obtuse electronics and warped lyrical leaning," resulting in a collection that is "disorientating and incredibly fun." You can listen for yourself at the bottom of the page.

Ku Klux Glam (full version):

1. Desperation Passion intro
2. Dutch Me
3. No Zipper
4. Come My Way
5. Desperation Passion
6. I Love to Meet People, I Hate to Know Them
7. P
8. Whunt12for3
9. Cherrybaby Come Out 2night
10. Desperation Passion dos
11. Lo-Fi No Cry
12. Fadermasturbater
13. Jacuzzi Spa
14. Steviepink Javascript
15. MG82cx
16. Carmen Come On
17. Haunted Graffridgerator
18. Bar-B-Cutie Klux Clamsauce
19. Desperation Passion g1
20. Doldreams
21. Desperation Passion g2
22. I Hope That You Premember
23. What Else Am I Not Supposed to Do?
24. Breakfast Burrito Deluxe
25. Breakfast Burrito Deluxe dos
26. Breakfast Burrito Deluxe tres
27. Sacred Snow duo
29. Decision 2012
30. R. Stevie's Brain FLAC
31. SteviePink Javascript Redo Theme
32. Ariel's Brain
33. Organ Trumpet Tower
34. Pull
35. Desperation Passion g1/2
36. Nostradamus Camus
37. Another No Answer
38. Haunted Graffridgerator KKG KGB
39. Nu Wav
40. Nostradamus Sumac
41. Sacred Snow ap
42. Sacred Snow rs
43. Sherrybaby rmx
44. Decisions rmx
45. Computer Spunkfest
46. Barbacutie rmx
47. Pull rmx
48. P rmx
49. Desperation Passion rmx
50. Uncomfortable
51. Jacuzzi Spa rmx
52. Bedroom Rock and Roll
53. Dutch Me Kareoak
54. Horne of Plenty
55. Maushaus
56. Spring Break Lucky Streak
57. Douche Me (Keel Her)
58. Chasing an Echo
59. Me 2
60. Closing Credits
61. "you make me very uncomfortable"

Ku Klux Glam (cassette version):

1. Desperation Passion (coda)

2. Dutch Me

3. No Zipper

4. Come My Way

5. Whunt 12 For 3

6. Cherry Baby Come Out 2 Night

7. Desperation Passionate

8. Lo-Fi No Cry

9. Fader Masturbater

10. Jacuzzi Spa

11. Stevie Pink Javascript

12. Carmen Come On

13. Haunted Graffridgerator

14. Bar-B-Cutie Klux Clamsauce

15. Doldreams

16. I Hope That U Remember

17. What Else Am I Not Supposed to Do

18. Sacred Snow

19. Desperation Passionrose Serge