Cannibal Corpse "Kill or Become" (video)

Cannibal Corpse 'Kill or Become' (video)
Cannibal Corpse entered A Skeletal Domain earlier this month via their new LP, but the seasoned Buffalo, NY death metal unit are battling a bunch of skin-crawling flesh eaters in the new video for the album's "Kill or Become."

Apparently taking place after some sort of zombie apocalypse, the video finds George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher out in the band's backwoods practice hut, thrashing his way through a track while the walking dead scour the grounds outside. Also milling about is a survival-minded human waging a one-man war against the zombies. While Fisher gurgles "fire up the chainsaw," the figure delivers brutal, flesh-rending blows to the guts and limbs of the undead.

It gets pretty gruesome, and you may be questioning who the real monster is by video's end, but you can watch "Kill or Become" down below.