Corrosion of Conformity Get Animosity Line-Up Back Together; COC-BLiND Confuse Matters Further

Corrosion of Conformity Get <i>Animosity</i> Line-Up Back Together; COC-BLiND Confuse Matters Further
And we thought Anthrax were making metalheads pull their ample locks out in confusion, but they've got nothing on Corrosion of Conformity, who have recently got their classic Animosity-era line-up back together for some touring.

A quick history lesson for some context: Corrosion of Conformity formed in 1982 with guitarist Woody Weatherman, drummer Reed Mullin and bassist/vocalist Mike Dean. They put out Eye for an Eye in 1983 (with Eric Eycke on vocals) and Animosity in 1985, both classics in the hardcore/metal crossover scene. After a few years of line-up changes, they came back with the decidedly more metallic Blind (remember "Vote with a Bullet"?) in 1991. It was their only album with Phil Swisher on bass and Karl Agell on vocals. After this, the band settled into a fairly stable line-up and a sound that veered way away from their punk beginnings into a more Southern metal/rock sound. Mullin left the band in 2001.

So, bearing all that in mind, and the fact that guitarist/vocalist Pepper Keenan, who joined the band in 1990, has kept COC at bay while keeping awfully busy with metal supergroup Down over the past few years, it's no huge surprise - although it is really confusing - that COC have reunited with a classic line-up - or two.

First off, the Animosity line-up of Dean, Weatherman and Mullin have reunited and are working on a new album. Some August West coast dates are lined up but not announced yet, reports Blabbermouth. No word yet on if they will go by the name of Corrosion of Conformity, as the official COC website makes no mention of this and still focuses on the current, Pepper-led incarnation of the group.

Secondly, there's COC-BLiND, who have been active since last year. They will keep doing their thing, even though COC-BLiND also have Mullin playing in their ranks, as well as Agell, and Scott Little and TR Gwynn from Agell's other band, Leadfoot, and Jerry Barrett (ex-of HR of Bad Brains' solo band). They perform Blind in its entirety and will continue to do so, with some American dates in June celebrating the album's 20-year anniversary, reports See the dates here.

Want to get even more confused? Dean and Mullin are also members of Righteous Fool, who will also stay active (and perform COC songs live, and feature someone else from HR of Bad Brains' solo band!).

Corrosion of Conformity's last album was 2005's In the Arms of God.