Grimes Teases New Song from Upcoming Album 'Miss_Anthropocene'

New music appears to be arriving September 13
Grimes Teases New Song from Upcoming Album 'Miss_Anthropocene'
Photo: Rick Clifford
In an Instagram post today, alien musician and avid health junkie Claire Boucher (a.k.a. Grimes) hinted at a new single from her mysterious upcoming album Miss_Anthropocene.

In the post, which can be viewed below, Grimes writes, "MISS ANTHROPOCENE / First single - Sėpt 13." We can only assume this means the first taste of the new album is to be expected shortly.

The post itself features a video of Grimes (or is it c now?) running through rugged nature scenes, donning even more Stella McCartney/Adidas gear than the last time we saw her and performing a series of apparent exercises. Perhaps this is what she was referring to when she spoke about her "360 approach."

The post can be viewed below.


🎙 MISS ANTHROPOCENE First single - Sėpt 13

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