​Hear Only Yours and July Talk's Leah Fay Team Up for "Edge of My Dreams"

​Hear Only Yours and July Talk's Leah Fay Team Up for "Edge of My Dreams"
Only Yours are revving up to launch their debut self-titled EP, and Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive first listen to a new track from the upcoming effort.
"Edge of My Dreams" is an excellent introduction to the uninitiated, serving up an intoxicating blend of brooding basslines, twinkling synths and buoyant percussion, all topped off with lead vocals from Lowell Sostomi — who may already be familiar to some from Great Bloomers.
That's not the only familiar voice listeners will pick up on; the track features guest vocals from July Talk frontwoman Leah Fay. Despite the song's less than cheery inspiration, Fay's soft croon steers the track clear of shoegazing-induced gloom, lifting it out of darkness and into the realm of bright, airy synth pop.
"'Edge of my Dreams' recounts my experience dealing with the loss of an important relationship," Sostomi tells Exclaim! "The more I tried to ignore how I was feeling, the more it began to manifest itself in strange ways... most notably, in dreams. In that time of my life, I was my own worst enemy and it became this internal struggle to feel normal again."
He adds, "It was meaningful to me to feature Leah Fay's vocals in the chorus. Not only do I love her voice, but I imagine her presence as something I was hearing in my own mind as I sang the song."
Only Yours is set for release on October 14 via Pirates Blend, and you can pre-order it here. Right now, though, scroll past the band's upcoming gigs to listen to "Edge of My Dreams" in the player below.
Tour dates:
10/21 Toronto, ON – The Baby G *
10/28 Toronto, ON – Lee's Palace
* with Blajk
^ performing as the Smiths for Death to 6(66)