Kevin Shields Sheds Light on New My Bloody Valentine Album

It's like someone took 'm b v' and "dropped acid on it or created a dimensional clash"
Kevin Shields Sheds Light on New My Bloody Valentine Album
On top of some all-analog vinyl reissues, Kevin Shields has confirmed that a brand new full-length from My Bloody Valentine will arrive in 2018. Ahead of what's shaping up to be a big year for the shoegaze icons, Shields has now shed some light on the band's forthcoming album and tour plans in a new interview.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Shields revealed that the band had begun work on the follow-up to 2013's m b v last year. After initially plotting for an EP, the band opted to go for an entire record after Shields thought of a new concept.

"In some respects, some of it is a bit straightforward," Shields told the publication. "The m b v album that we did in 2013 feels more meandery and not as concise. This one is like if somebody took that and dropped some acid on it or created a dimensional clash or something. It's more all over the place."

Rolling Stone also notes that the album will run about 40 minutes long, and could feature six or seven tracks. 

"It could turn out to be only five tracks," Shields said. "I hope not, but I don't want it to be a double album and I don't want it to be really long."

Shields also confirmed that the band will hit the road on tour in support of the album next year, adding that they would stick to a more conventional rollout as opposed to 2013's surprise release.

"I don't want to release the album like we did it," he told Rolling Stone. "I want it to be more organized. I felt like we needed a manager, because we just react to everything. It worked well enough in the past, but I have to be honest. I don't do enough really to feel comfortable with the situation and I have been like that for a long time."

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