Lamb of God "512" / "Still Echoes" (live on 'Kimmel')

Lamb of God '512' / 'Still Echoes' (live on 'Kimmel')
While massive in their own right, it's just not that often that you see metal titans Lamb of God hit your TV screen. That all changed last night (August 27), when the band blasted the Jimmy Kimmel Live! crowd with a couple of cuts from their furious new LP, VII: Sturm und Drang.

The Virginia smashers quickly whipped the outdoor crowd into a frenzy with a performance of "512," a boot-stomper that plenty of beefy bros got their mosh on to.

Up next was a rapid-fire run-through of VII: Sturm und Drang opener "Still Echoes," which had the band whipping their hair to the thrash beat, vocalist Randy Blythe growling like the spawn of Beelzebub, and the faithful stirring things up in a circle pit.

You'll find the band's late night TV assault down below.