Ménage "Promises" (in-studio video)

Ménage 'Promises' (in-studio video)
Toronto's Ménage is made up of brothers Gabriel and Basilio Ferreira and their sister Bela. Ahead of their next EP, the family band have just shared a live, in-studio video for their song "Promises."

The professionally shot clip follows the band for four minutes as they power through "Promises," a bouncy, polished singalong that shares a lot in common with early 2000s indie music.

"This song is the first song in which we recorded all the audio and shot the video in its entirety within one day," the band explained in a statement. "This song was recorded live off the floor, on the spot looping guitars with a few auxiliary instruments overdubbed. We spent the bulk of the day setting everything up both mixing everything and setting up cameras. after playing the song top to bottom a bunch of times, we pieced the video footage all together."

Watch the video for "Promises" below. The song will appear on the band's upcoming mini-release, EP, due on October 14.