Modest Mouse Unveil "Linguistic Remix Generator" for 'Strangers to Ourselves'

Modest Mouse Unveil "Linguistic Remix Generator" for 'Strangers to Ourselves'
It took Modest Mouse eight years to finish their album Strangers to Ourselves, and now that it's finally out, the band are celebrating by unveiling something they're calling a "linguistic remix generator."

To use it, go to this website and type in a phrase of up to 96 characters. The website will then automatically generate a short remix using music from the album, and this will run on a loop along with a customized visualizer that incorporates the phrase you typed out.

The results don't exactly hold up to extended listening, but it's a neat gimmick. Check it out here and, if you're anything like us, start typing in dirty words to begin.

Meanwhile, Modest Mouse have released track-by-track commentary about the songs on Strangers to Ourselves. This isn't your average commentary track, however, since it's cryptic, involves abstract sound collages, and doesn't really help to explain the songs. Hear that below via Spotify.

Strangers to Ourselves is out now on Glacial Pace.