Nails Unsilent Death

Adhering to the mentality that doubling choruses and adding in extended bridges isn't only excessive but pretty fucking boring, Southern California, death-influenced hardcore brutes Nails make getting down to brass tacks seem like overstating the point on Unsilent Death. Ten songs wrapping up in a succinct 14 minutes, the album is severe and direct yet surprisingly fulfilling. Scorching guitars rage away, constantly in a state of potential feedback, and the inhuman vocals reek of Eyehategod's Michael Williams locked in a war with Entombed's L.G. Petrov as they unleash a new Arson Anthem album. It's gloriously grandiose while still pretty lineal, enhanced thanks to production by Kurt Ballou at his infamous Godcity studio. Knowing that little titbit, one need not fret over how Unsilent Death sounds. It's exactly as it should be, with virtually every aspect ready to blow the aural spectrum into another state of white noise without ever seeming too static-laden or contrived. (Six Feet Under)