Nashville Pussy Say Something Nasty

I'll get the bad shit out of the way right off the top: Nashville Pussy are fallin' off big time. The production is like a second-rate glam record; the songs are mostly stupid and "singer" Blaine sounds like a medical audiotape lesson for diagnosing advanced throat cancer. The record is also way too long and the cover of "Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo" just plain sucks shit. There is also an unnecessary cover of a long forgotten and lacklustre Circle Jerks song, "Beat Me Senseless." Now, on to the good stuff: the photos of the band members, especially the one of Ruyter and her lil' popsicle, are pretty sweet. Also, the song titles "Keep On Fuckin" and "Gonna Hitchhike Down to Cincinnati And Kick The Shit Out Your Drunk Daddy" rock as hard as the songs do, but that's about as good as it gets. I get the feeling that Nashville Pussy will just go on blazing it down live worldwide for years to come but will also continue to put out progressively worse records. (Epic)