Public Enemy "No Sympathy From the Devil" (video)

Public Enemy "No Sympathy From the Devil" (video)
Political hip-hop greats Public Enemy are delivering some pointed truths in a police-and-society scrutinizing new video for their "No Sympathy From the Devil" single.

The track, which comes from the outfit's recently issued The Man Plans God Laughs album, has longtime leader Chuck D weighing in on generations of institutionalized racism and brutality.

The video has him pacing a building's hallways and alleyways to deliver bars hinting at a failed War on Drugs and, more recently, Eric Garner's 2014 death at the hands of the NYPD. PE's James Bomb also contributes a quick verse.

Visually, we're faced with damning footage of the aforementioned death, Klan rallies, the allegorical sight of dead animals being tossed into dumpsters, and other atrocities.

You'll find the loaded set of visuals down below.