The Holy Gasp "What I Gotta Know"

The Holy Gasp 'What I Gotta Know'
Perennial pop weirdos the Holy Gasp delivered "Beat Wave" late last year, and now they've returned with another brand new single.
"What I Gotta Know" blends influences ranging from Paul Simon to Afro-pop into a three-minute ditty about the dissolution of a marriage.
"There are countless depictions throughout pop culture of marriages beginning — of a bride and groom walking blissfully down the aisle and living happily ever after," frontman Benjamin Hackman tells Exclaim! "There are far fewer examples, however, of marriages just... getting through it, making it work."

He adds, "Our new single 'What I Gotta Know' examines the many uncertain doors through which two lovers might walk on their quest toward togetherness, and tries to understand how polyamory can sometimes be used as a lubricant for divorce."
Listen to the band navigate the tricky relationship in the song below.