Titus Andronicus' Patrick Stickles Gets Electrocuted, Blasts Kurt Vile

Titus Andronicus' Patrick Stickles Gets Electrocuted, Blasts Kurt Vile
Titus Andronicus frontman Patrick Stickles has endured a bit of hardship this last year, with the loss of not one but two members of his group, but the singer/guitarist got another shock to the system yesterday (November 3) when he was electrocuted at band practice. Don't worry, dude's okay, or so he'd have us believe considering the flurry of tweets he posted after getting out of a Brooklyn-area hospital.

"God damn, I just got out of Long Island College Hospital. I took two hundred volts to the face at 6.0 practice today, y'all! #shocking," he wrote first, before adding subsequent jokey tweets referring to himself as "THE ELECTRIC MAN" and contemplating a new single about the situation.

"New hit song from Titus Andronicus: "(I Am The) Electric Man," written in the waiting room, much to the dismay of the other patients," he wrote, adding the lyrics. "I GOT AN ELECTRIC BAND * GOT EVERYTHING BUT THE ELECTRIC VAN * ELECTRIC MAN ALWAYS GOT A HELPING HAND FOR THE MOTHERLAND. BUT IT MAKES IT SO HARD TO HOLD ONTO THE METAL CAN * I AM THE ELECTRIC MAN * YES I AM"

The song may be a joke, but Stickles isn't laughing about lo-fi folky Kurt Vile's music popping up in a Bank of America commercial. The New Jersey punker is straight up pissed about Vile seemingly doing the whole "sell out" thing.

"Did I hear that Kurt Vile's great song 'Baby's Arms' was in a Bank of America commercial? If so, man, that's #SHITLIST if anything ever was," he posted. "Come on, Kurt Vile, yr a million times better than that. #crushcapitalism If it is even true! Can someone confirm?"

Stickles may be starting beef, but its apparently only because he loves Vile's music so much. "If it is real, then you need to get real, man. I thought you were, like, the best dude in music!"

A publicist has since confirmed that "Baby's Arms" is in fact in the commercial, though Vile has yet to respond to Stickles's diss.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.