Keanu Reeves Debunks Sad Keanu Meme: "I Was Hungry"

The actor revealed what was really going on behind that viral photograph on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'
Keanu Reeves Debunks Sad Keanu Meme: 'I Was Hungry'
Between the merry deeds of helping film crews carry gear and gifting stuntmen Rolexes, certified sweetie and apparent husband to Winona RyderKeanu Reeves, is still human enough to experience sadness — or so we thought.

Apparently, we've all been hoodwinked and bamboozled by the iconic Sad Keanu meme: the actor revealed on late-night TV last night (December 14) that he wasn't actually sad in the photograph that took the internet by storm — he was just hungry.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the John Wick star and all-around cool guy took the time to debunk the meme while promoting his upcoming film The Matrix Resurrections.

"I'm just eating a sandwich, man!" Reeves exclaimed when Colbert brought out a copy of the image, which shows the actor hunched over on a bench with his forearms resting just above his knees, looking forlorn. "Man, I'm eating a sandwich!" he repeated. (It must not have been a very good one?)

"So you're not actually sad in Sad Keanu?" the host pressed.

"I was thinking," Reeves explained. "I had some stuff going on: I was hungry."

Celebrities — they're just like us.

Speaking of burning questions, the Canadian was also recently was asked whether he'd rather be John Wick or Neo — his Matrix character — in real life.

It's a very red pill or blue pill situation, but Reeves decided on the latter [via A.V. Club], adding: "I don't think John Wick would mind; I think he'd understand. But I think to be able to be with Trinity and have that life with them together and see what would happen — I think John Wick would be like, 'I got your back.'"

What an educational day on the internet.

Watch the late-night segment below.

Too busy for sadness, the actor is also gunning to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is set to star in a Netflix adaptation of his own comic BRZRKR