Keep Creative with RIFF and Exclaim!'s Summer Stash

Pick these three products to lift your spirits this season
Keep Creative with RIFF and Exclaim!'s Summer Stash
This summer's live music season is shaping up to be a quiet one, as concerts and arts events across Canada remain cancelled or postponed due to a ban on large public gatherings. Despite unusual circumstances, the country's creative communities continue to work, learn, empower and share in the name of artistic expression, patiently waiting to safely trade livestreams for live stages.

RIFF is a creatively crafted cannabis brand that loves a JOINT EFFORT, and to lift the spirits of Canadian creators and fans alike, they have teamed with Exclaim! to recommend three products to pair with summer 2020. Whether you're creating for work or play, each product has been selected for utmost enjoyment in the home studio, the listening lounge, at the drafting table and beyond.

Stash this #JOINTEFFORT from RIFF and Exclaim! to spark your creation and appreciation this summer.

Raise It Up with RIFF's DT81

We get it — crowdsurfing to your favourite bands is a hard thing to accomplish outside of a live music setting. But if you're in need of a lift with your creative endeavours, RIFF's DT81 dried flower is the next best thing.

Like the world's most influential artists, DT81 breaks away from convention and is a sweet citrus sativa with a distinct forward scent that lingers. This aromatic strain with resinous buds breaks away from convention to boldly pursue new creative heights. 

DT81's features dense dramatic buds with high THC and robust terpene notes making it ideal artistic accompaniment in the daytime or evening. Let it point a new direction for your canvas or carving, or pair it with your playlist of groove-heavy rock, hip-hop and soul. 

Crew Love with RIFF's Raider Kush

Though you may be apart from your concert crew right now, a bond shared through live music is a hard one to break. As close as you and your festival friends are, RIFF's Raider Kush pre-rolls take bringing buds together to another level.

This high-THC indica is tightly packed finely ground for convenience, ready to grab and go after checking your messages, flipping the record and pouring a coffee. No matter the time or to-do list, Raider Kush's citrus and balanced earthy base will ensure you're up to the task.

Take a Ride with RIFF's Subway Scientist

For now, nights out have become nights in, and whether your evening involves video chatting friends or flying solo, RIFF's Subway Scientist dried flower will match the vibe accordingly.

This dynamic, high-THC indica mellows and lifts at once and is a ready match for night owls up carefully reviewing studio takes or rewatching their rough cut. Subway Scientist's dominant grape and berry aroma hints at sweet and complex notes, made all the more enticing when paired with your playlist of smoldering R&B, soul and jazz.

Now that Ontario is well acquainted, RIFF's Subway Scientist will also take a trip West to British Columbia and Alberta this spring.

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