Neil Young, Grimes, Broken Social Scene Endorse Canada's Pact for a Green New Deal

Cobie Smulders, Evangeline Lilly, k.d. lang, Dan Mangan, William Shatner, Stars, Joel Plaskett and more have also signed on
Neil Young, Grimes, Broken Social Scene Endorse Canada's Pact for a Green New Deal
More than 50 Canadian artists from across the music, film and entertainment industries have endorsed the Pact for a Green New Deal, including Neil Young, Grimes, Broken Social Scene, Dan Mangan and more.
It's a proposal to the Canadian federal government for a "rapid, inclusive and far-reaching transition" that addresses crises like climate change, affordable housing, poverty, inequality and growing racism.
Supporters of the Pact for a Green New Deal propose that the country cut emissions in half in the next 11 years — complying with Indigenous knowledge and climate science. In addition, the movement demands creating more than a million good jobs and building inclusive communities in the process.
Among those who have lent their name and support to the cause are also Cobie Smulders, Evangeline Lilly, Domenic Champagne, k.d. lang, Richard Reed Perry, Pamela Anderson, William Shatner, Victor Garber, the Sadies, Hey Rosetta!, Stars, Old Man Luedecke, Basia Bulat, Ellen Gabriel, Rufus Wainwright, Peter Keleghan, Joel Plaskett, Dave Bidini, Gordon Pinsent and Shannon Baker.
The list doesn't stop there either, with other supporters including Jennifer Dale, Leah Pinsent, the Weather Station, Min Sook Lee, Eamon McGrath, Daniel Romano, Jesse Stein, Lance Sampson, Laurel Sprengelmeyer, Tim Darcy, Terra Lightfoot, Melissa Auf der Maur, Geoff Berner, Torquil Campbell, Tania Gill, Kyo Maclear, David Wall, Rosina Kazi, Jason Collett, Simone Schmidt, Charles Spearin, Ruby Singh, Cayley Thomas, Tim baker, Murray McLaughlin and Christina Hoicka.
"Canada and humanity at large are facing an uncertain future," supporter Dan Mangan said in a statement. "As a parent to two young kids, I refuse to leverage their potential to lead fulfilling and safe adult lives for short term stability in the marketplace now. Not only is a Green New Deal that invests in green jobs, clean energy, and equal opportunity for everyone our best shot at fostering a liveable planet, but it's the most sound economic investment we could possibly make."
For full information on the Pact for a Green New Deal, visit the official website.