AFI Share New Song "Trash Bat"

Their new EP arrives next week
AFI Share New Song 'Trash Bat'
A week out from delivering their new EP The Missing Man, AFI have now shared the effort's opening track.

Titled "Trash Bat," guitarist/producer Jade Puget called the track "the ideal song to kick off the EP."

"From Adam [Carson]'s big drum fill at the top all the way through to the end, it's just a quick burst of frenetic energy," he added. "I brought the song in and was playing it for Davey and he threw out the line, 'my Trash Bat' and I thought, how can you lose with a title like that? What is a Trash Bat anyway? Who cares!"

The Missing Man arrives December 7. As previously reported, the EP follows the band's 2017 full-length AFI (The Blood Album) and was written during the tour in support of that record.