Arca's '&&&&&' Is Finally Getting a Vinyl Reissue

The remastered edition comes back to wax in September
Arca's '&&&&&' Is Finally Getting a Vinyl Reissue
Arca's mixtape &&&&& was celebrated by Exclaim! as one of the best free releases of 2013, and it swiftly received a vinyl pressing in 2014 that has only become more rare as the producer's popularity has grown. Now, it's been announced that the effort will get the reissue treatment.

A fully remastered &&&&& will arrive on wax through PAN on September 18. Like the original vinyl edition, the reissue will feature an etching on the B-side and artwork by Jesse Kanda.

An accompanying digital download will also feature the release split into individual tracks, different from its initial arrival as a single, 25-minute track.

Of the effort, Arca reflected in a statement, "A sense of possibility, a sense of the unknown; punk attitude, respect for classical music and formality; cyberpunk, anime, sexual tension; trauma, innocence, fear of death; kink, lots of weed, and wanting to connect with people, but not on the terms of a status quo. That kind of sums up &&&&& for me." 

Earlier this year, Arca released her KiCk i album, which followed the 62-minute single "@@@@@."

You can revisit "Knot" in the player below, and can pre-order the vinyl reissue of &&&&& through Bandcamp.