B Boys The Garrison, Toronto ON, May 4

B Boys The Garrison, Toronto ON, May 4
Photo: Shane Parent
"Thanks for coming guys! We're gonna keep on hitting ya," quipped the guitarist of B Boys before jumping into more fuzzed-out jams for the crowd. The Brooklyn post-punk trio are Captured Tracks' latest signing, and they began their set at The Garrison with lots of energy, frantically shredding power chords as they flailed their bodies onstage. "Sound Frequency," a song off their debut EP No Worry No Mind, found the band channelling post-punk legends Wire, as their swampy guitar riffs became entangled in swirling grooves and light patches of reverb.
The crowd became more drawn to them as their set continued. Much like the classic punks they draw from in their rambunctious sound, B Boys' songs are pretty short, but each one definitely packs a wallop. The band jumped into a song they said "wasn't on their record," a warm, gritty surf-rock jam with wonky rhythms and lush, two-part harmonies. The crowd continued to vibe out, as B Boys continued to give them something new at every turn.
The end of their set turned into a more psyched-out affair, as heavy riffs transformed into a hiss so deafening, it felt like your ears were going to bleed. While their set was only taken in by about ten lucky people, B Boys left a lasting impression, one that not only made them a highlight of the night, but undoubtedly a band to watch out for this year.