Bend Sinister "Best of You" (video)

Bend Sinister 'Best of You' (video)
Bend Sinister leader Dan Moxon apparently got himself a new iPhone 6 recently, and has used the handheld device's updated slow-motion and time-lapse settings to produce a slice-of-life collection of New York City-set visuals to score the group's Animals track "Best of You."

Filmed after the band recently wrapped a U.S. tour, the video presents the passage of time across busy subway stations, crowded city streets and scenic skylines. We see the NBC studios, a trip along a neon-lit movator, a group of amateur shutterbugs pointing their lenses to the sky and more.

A pair of street gymnasts, with one hoisted high in the air for the entertainment of the crowd, are synched up to the prog rock cut's line: "keep your head up high and your feet on the ground." Well, one out of two ain't bad.

You'll find the Big Apple travelogue down below.