Bishop Briggs Westward Music Festival, Vancouver BC, September 14

Bishop Briggs  Westward Music Festival, Vancouver BC, September 14
Photo: Sharon Steele
Bishop Briggs' set at the Vogue Theatre on Thursday (September 14) was quite literally a marathon of her electro-infused soul: running laps around the stage and wearing a track jacket, the Los Angeles-based Brit arrived ready to bring it.

One of the headlining performers of Vancouver's inaugural Westward Music Festival, Briggs opened her set with "Dark Side," showing off her impressive vocal prowess immediately, and then dove straight into "Pray (Empty Gun)," which had her stutter-stepping in passion and thrashing her body to the beat's drop. The audience, which overflowed the sides of the theatre, was eating up every moment, screaming "I love you!" in between songs and raising their smartphones up to record cuts like "The Way I Do" and "Wild Horses."

Briggs' rich voice delivers a hard-hitting blow, and she shook her microphone-wielding hand in intensity when hitting the high notes. Her muscle was especially showcased when the bass eased up on "Hi-Lo (Hollow)," perhaps the only mellow-ish moment of the evening. The majority of the set, though, was an energetic love letter to the adoring audience. They demanded an encore, hungrily cheering for Briggs' big single "River" as she skipped back onstage, and, after a rousing rendition of "Dead Man's Arms," she granted the audience's wishes by mightily delivering the hit to the singing and dancing mob.

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