Buke and Gase "Hiccup" (video)

Buke and Gase 'Hiccup' (video)
Be warned: Buke and Gase's spinny video for "Hiccup," off of their just-released, Exclaim!-approved General Dome LP, isn't for the faint of stomach.

Anyone prone to motion sickness might be unsettled enough by the bike riding captured in the clip, but it appears as if the camera itself is resting between the spokes of another two-wheeled ride, making for a disorienting affair. As it stands, it fits well with the general vibe of the odd-pop LP, which we said "runs on gently tumultuous dynamics and skew-wop melodies." You can sample the queasy clip down below.

Don't forget, Buke & Gase will run through Canada on their upcoming tour. You can see the details here.

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