Coheed and Cambria Detail New LP 'The Unheavenly Creatures'

Coheed and Cambria Detail New LP 'The Unheavenly Creatures'
After sharing 10-minute track "The Dark Sentencer" late last month, Coheed and Cambria have revealed the song to be part of a brand new full-length album.

Titled The Unheavenly Creatures, the band's latest will arrive October 5th through Roadrunner Records, marking the group's first effort for the label. It follows Coheed and Cambria's 2015 LP, The Color Before the Sun.

Fifteen tracks in length, The Unheavenly Creatures finds the band returning to continue their conceptual story of the Amory Wars, a tale frontman Claudio Sanchez has told through the group's studio albums in addition to comic books and a novel.

Coheed and Cambria have also treated The Unheavenly Creatures to a massive deluxe box set package, which includes an exclusive 80-page hardcover novel, a bonus disc of demos, a card that allows early access to shows on the band's upcoming tour and more. You can look over the full package here.

The Unheavenly Creatures:

1. Prologue
2. The Dark Sentencer
3. Unheavenly Creatures
4. Toys
5. Black Sunday
6. Queen Of The dark
7. True Ugly
8. Love Protocol
9. The Pavilion (A Long Way Back)
10. Night-Time Walkers
11. The Gutter
12. All On Fire
13. It Walks Among US
14. Old Flames
15. Lucky Stars