Devin Townsend Readies "Ultimate Edition" of 'Empath'

The expanded album features a 5.1 surround mix, acoustic recordings and more
Devin Townsend Readies 'Ultimate Edition' of 'Empath'
Devin Townsend took his musical mind to expansive new heights on last year's Empath, and the album has now been teed up for an expanded release later this year.

InsideOut Music, Townsend's label home, announced today that an "Ultimate Edition" of Empath will touch down on June 5.

The expanded issue will see the album released as a 2CD/2Blu-ray package, featuring a 5.1 surround sound mix, demos, live recordings from Townsend's 2019 acoustic tour, visualizers, album commentary, a documentary and more.

The new edition, which you can find cover art for up above, will also feature an artbook. Find a complete tracklisting below, and pre-order the package here.

Townsend has recently shared new music as part of his ongoing "Quarantine Project," also noting that the material will be released as an album "when all this calms down."

Empath: Ultimate Edition:


1. Castaway
2. Genesis
3. Spirits Will Collide
4. Evermore
5. Sprite
6. Hear Me
7. Why?
8. Borderlands
9. Requiem
10. Singularity: Adrift
11. Singularity: I Am I
12. Singularity: There Be Monsters
13. Singularity: Curious Gods
14. Singularity: Silicone Scientists
15. Singularity: Here Comes The Sun!


1. The Contrarian (Demo)
2. King (Demo)
3. The Waiting Kind (Demo)
4. Empath (Demo)
5. Methuselah (Demo)
6. This Is Your Life (Demo)
7. Gulag (Demo)
8. Middle Aged Man (Demo)
9. Total Collapse (Demo)
10. Summer (Demo)

Blu-ray 1:

1. Castaway (5.1 Surround Mix)
2. Genesis (5.1 Surround Mix)
3. Spirits Will Collide (5.1 Surround Mix)
4. Evermore (5.1 Surround Mix)
5. Sprite (5.1 Surround Mix)
6. Hear Me (5.1 Surround Mix)
7. Why? (5.1 Surround Mix)
8. Borderlands (5.1 Surround Mix)
9. Requiem (5.1 Surround Mix)
10. Singularity: Adrift (5.1 Surround Mix)
11. Singularity: I Am I (5.1 Surround Mix)
12. Singularity: There Be Monsters (5.1 Surround Mix)
13. Singularity: Curious Gods (5.1 Surround Mix)
14. Singularity: Silicone Scientists (5.1 Surround Mix)
15. Singularity: Here Comes The Sun! (5.1 Surround Mix)
16. Castaway (Stereo Mix Visualizer)
17. Genesis (Stereo Mix Visualizer)
18. Spirits Will Collide (Stereo Mix Visualizer)
19. Evermore (Stereo Mix Visualizer)
20. Sprite (Stereo Mix Visualizer)
21. Hear Me (Stereo Mix Visualizer)
22. Borderlands (Stereo Mix Visualizer)
23. Why? (Stereo Mix Visualizer)
24. Requiem (Stereo Mix Visualizer)
25. Singularity: Adrift (Stereo Mix Visualizer)
26. Singularity: I Am I (Stereo Mix Visualizer)
27. Singularity: There Be Monsters (Stereo Mix Visualizer)
28. Singularity: Curious Gods (Stereo Mix Visualizer)
29. Singularity: Silicone Scientists (Stereo Mix Visualizer)
30. Singularity: Here Comes The Sun! (Stereo Mix Visualizer)

Blu-ray 2:

1. Empath Documentary
2. Empath Album Commentary
3. Genesis 5.1 Mixing Lesson
4. Acoustic Gear Tour
5. Intro (Live in Leeds 2019)
6. Let It Roll (Live in Leeds 2019)
7. Funeral (Live in Leeds 2019)
8. Ih-Ah (Live in Leeds 2019)
9. Deadhead (Live in Leeds 2019)
10. Love? (Live in Leeds 2019)
11. Hyperdrive! (Live in Leeds 2019)
12. Terminal (Live in Leeds 2019)
13. Coast (Live in Leeds 2019)
14. Solar Winds (Live in Leeds 2019)
15. Thing Beyond Things (Live in Leeds 2019)
16. King (Official Video)