Dog Day's Seth Smith Releases Soundtrack for His 'Lowlife' Horror Film

Dog Day's Seth Smith Releases Soundtrack for His 'Lowlife' Horror Film
Last year, Dog Day frontman Seth Smith rolled out Lowlife, a surreal indie horror film that he directed and co-wrote. Now, he's broken away from Dog Day to release a solo soundtrack to that flick. The Lowlife score is out digitally today (August 27) and will arrive on cassette on September 10 through Fundog Records.

Smith created the music in his basement in 2011, at the same time as he worked on the film. According to a press release, "He crafted a complex soundtrack, using mostly a borrowed tuba, sheet metal, a magician's saw, and a few broken guitars."

This resulted in "an abstract tale of darkness and confusion where shadows lurk in sonic ooze and demons dance in submerged tone."

It was largely recorded and performed alone, although a handful of voices pop up on the ultra-murky track "Fast Food," including that of Smith's Dog Day cohort Nancy Ulrich. Listen to the entire soundtrack below; digital copies can be purchased on Bandcamp and cassettes are available to pre-order in a limited run of 50.

The film Lowlife will be released digitally this fall. This will be followed by a new Dog Day album in December.


1. The Boss
2. Cheater's Cove
3. Fish Dream
4. Lost
5. Wake Up
6. Rocks
7. Infinite Trip
8. Hunger
9. Red River
10. Better Daze
11. Fisher of Men
12. Fast Food
13. Slugs
14. Cooler
15. Live Like a Hermit
16. Dog / God