Final Thought Take This Home

Barrie, ON's Final Thought have tons of ideas. These guys are clearly young, creative and enthusiastic because their debut EP, Take This Home, sounds like the result of a pretty eclectic record collection. The album begins with a dramatic, production-heavy intro that leads into "Grow Up," a show-starter that sounds like always-anthemic fashion punks AFI. The EP throws a curveball next with "Take You Home," a Taking Back Sunday sound-alike. It's an unexpected turn but not an unwelcome one. Standout track "Does Advil Work if The Earth Has a Fever?" sounds like "San Dimas High School Football Rules" by the Ataris wrapped in a Set Your Goals song being covered by a few nice gentlemen from Barrie. While there are a ton of different ideas and styles on this record it might be wise for Final Thought to focus their sound before they attempt a full-length. It'd be a shame to ask them to hinder their creativity by narrowing their scope but they might do well to at least find something that will unify their sound. Still, Final Thought are a band to watch in the Ontario punk scene. (Independent)