Fleshgrind The Seeds of Abysmal Torment

Winning "death metal album title of the year," no doubt, this latest CD from Fleshgrind won't be winning too many other awards. This style of old school death metal is so incredibly driven into the ground, mauled, pounded and left for dust that it's not even worth talking about. Sure, they can play, but it's been done before, so why pay money for it when you can just put on, say, Monstrosity, or any other Florida/Morrisound death metal band? They don't seem to be concerned with creating original music and instead the band exists as a tip of the hat to the genre itself, which is admirable enough, but I feel sorry for someone putting down their hard-earned dough for this. Great "thank you" lists, though, in which the drummer hilariously thanks his drum triggers, "for sounding impure." I don't tune into a death metal album to hear a drum machine. Well intentioned, but brutally irrelevant. (Olympic)