Fuck the Facts "Everywhere Yet Nowhere" (video)

Fuck the Facts 'Everywhere Yet Nowhere' (video)
Canadian grindcore greats Fuck the Facts have opted to start the new year by overloading our senses with eardrum-obliterating tones and a non-stop blur of visual nonsense. Witness, if you will, the audio-visual chaos that is the band's new video for Desire Will Rot track "Everywhere Yet Nowhere."

While impactful and brutish, the group's series of blasts and screams seem tame compared to the over-the-top assault of assorted images the video offers. The quickly shifting mix includes CGI cats and piano playing felines, stealth agents, depressing video dating clips, rubber-limb breakdancers, some dude putting on a DJ clinic, and the sight of Fuck the Facts raging out in front of a green screen.

Somewhere between a low-budget cable access concert and a Tim & Eric sketch, the video can be found below, courtesy of Invisible Oranges.