Girlfriend Material Cool Car

Girlfriend Material Cool Car
You've heard Cool Car before. Well you haven't, but you've heard all its key elements, from its Toronto rock alum membership to the catchy guitar riffs that soundtracked your 2010s, and ending with the irrefutably relatable experiences that inspired its lyrics.
Graham Wright is behind this killer combo, and pulled it together by working with his fellow Tokyo Police Club bandmate Josh Hook, Hollerado's Jake Boyd and bassist Joseph Garand to form Girlfriend Material.
Cool Car dances between rock, pop and punk, but feels most comfortable in the middle, with narrative-driven songs like "Stay In Touch" or "Boys in Bands." The former is one of Cool Car's standout tracks; its lyrics have you hanging off every word, as though you are in conversation with a close friend, knowingly nodding along.
Halfway through the album, the band throw you for a loop with their 37-second punk banger "Crap." They then just as quickly return with "First of the Month," which addresses the relationship aftermath of moving in too quickly to try and save on rent, or because it seemed like the next step.
Wright sums up the album's 11-song reflection on the tumultuous crossover into adulthood succinctly when he said "I can't promise it'll get better, but it will definitely get funny" and funny this album is. (Dine Alone)