Heat The Garrison, Toronto ON, May 4

Heat The Garrison, Toronto ON, May 4
Photo: Shane Parent
Montreal's Heat took the stage after the B Boys' set, starting things off with a sea of washed-out guitar lines that led into more heavenly, new wave-imbued pop sounds as they delved right into their set. The crowd got into them almost immediately, swooning over their dreamy love songs characterized by rich, jangly riffs and light, breezy drums.
Lead singer Susil Sharma greeted the crowd, who responded well to their set in the early goings. Heat began playing a bunch of new songs from the forthcoming album, a lot of which floated between new wave and power pop, coasting on smooth chord progressions and catchy melodies. "Still Soft" kicked things up a notch with rumbling drums and culminated with blistering crashes, as the band slowly became more rough and shambolic, all while somehow retaining that smooth sound. The band kept the mood blissful and dreamy, but eventually that caused the crowd to lose focus and interest.
Luckily, Heat turned things up once again, ending with some screeching feedback from a chaotic group shred fest, a move that got the crowd back in the mood before the band ended their set to an enthusiastic response.