Jack Black Lip-Syncs Fugazi's "Waiting Room" in the Most Jack Black Way Possible

Jack Black Lip-Syncs Fugazi's 'Waiting Room' in the Most Jack Black Way Possible
As shows like Lip Sync Battle have proven, people simply love watching celebs pretend to sing classic songs. That said, it's unlikely that you'll see Channing Tatum covering the Dischord catalogue anytime soon, so Tenacious D frontman Jack Black has taken the task on himself.

On his Instagram, Black opted to take on Fugazi's biggest hit with a lip-sync of "Waiting Room." Of course, the band's iconic 13 Songs highlight has been given the full Jack Black treatment complete with over-emoted lip movements and stretched-out eyebrow raises.

Watch Black take on both Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto's vocal parts in his lip-sync cover below. It's part of an ongoing Instagram series hashtagged #RadOnes, which has seen Black take on songs from That Dog, Pearl Jam, Guided By Voices and many others.

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