Jamie Foxx Best Night of My Life

Three albums into his second career as a singer, it's still hard to tell if Jamie Foxx is actually being serious or if the veteran actor is using music as some sort of long-con prank on the record-buying public. If Foxx's music is meant as a joke, then Best Night of My Life is a work of staggering genius. Songs like "Gorgeous" and "Rejoice" take the super-sexy '80s quiet storm influences to their most absurd extreme, while tracks like "Hit It Like This" and "Living Better Now" parody the worst excesses of hip-hop-meets-R&B crossovers. They're all Auto-Tuned and excessive productions with no lyrics or content to speak of. If, on the other hand, Best Night of My Life is meant to be a serious attempt at making an album, then it's just sad. (J/Sony)