Liinks Westward Music Festival, Vancouver BC, September 14

Liinks Westward Music Festival, Vancouver BC, September 14
Photo: Sharon Steele
The crowd was still trickling into the Vogue Theatre as Liinks took the stage on Thursday (September14) at Vancouver's inaugural Westward Music Festival, but the Los Angeles-by-way-of-Victoria duo quickly charmed a dirty dancing throng to the front of the room with catchy, bass-heavy electro-pop and striking vocals. 
Lead singer Georgia Murray has an incredible voice, with a distinctive sweetness to her delivery and grit that built as she near-rapped some of her verses against trappy cuts from her counterpart, DJ DWhiz. Her biggest strength, though, came when she belted out high notes on songs like "Say Something."
She got progressively more comfortable on stage as the set went on, her body language loosening as she swayed and waved her free arm in the air. Later, Liinks was perhaps at their best with an impressive cover of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love," which had DWhiz masterfully scratching at the turntables and Murray virtually falling to her knees as she wailed into the microphone. 
For a group still quite young in age — they've been around just three years — Liinks already possess all the tools for greatness. It will be exciting to see and hear where time takes this talented pair. 

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