Michael Paradise Gets Caught in Life's "undertow" on New Single

Check out the latest track from the upcoming 'lil fantasy machine' EP
Michael Paradise Gets Caught in Life's 'undertow' on New Single
Toronto-based alt-pop artist Michael Paradise has already dropped two singles from his forthcoming EP lil fantasy machine, due later this fall, and now he's released a third. Right now, you can check out "undertow."

The song takes on an appropriately woozy and aquatic mood, with a wash of drums and guitars punctuated by almost-dissonant synths, recalling Tame Impala and Yuno at their most contemplative. The song was recorded on a trip to Montreal with collaborator Sylo Nozra.

In a statement, Paradise said:"'undertow' is about the pulls of life. The theme of my upcoming EP (titled lil fantasy machine) is about disillusionment and depression caused by capitalism… mixed with nice little love songs. 'undertow' is exactly that. About working your life away and feeling the need to run, to do something different, feeling disillusioned. But then the promise of love holds you back and keeps you going. That promise is the undercurrent, the undertow."

Watch the "undertow" lyric video below.