Misery Evil is Crowned

Long Island, NY's Misery are straight up old-school metal, New Yawk style: their crushing breakdowns, penchant for Brooklyn-flavoured hardcore and bottom-heavy style hearken back to the early days of Hatebreed, Biohazard and Life of Agony, which isn't that surprising, since the album was produced by LoA's Joey Z. Despite the similarities, Evil is Crowned stands on its own, but one has to wonder: these dudes have been together for over a decade and this is only their second album, what gives? Tracks like "Hangover in Harlem" and the title track clearly show that if bands like Devil Driver can have pretty moderate success in today's musical landscape, Misery could definitely be contenders. Despite a bit of repetitiveness, this well produced album is good enough to put them on the map. (SuperMetal)