Mondo Treats 'Metal Gear Solid' Soundtrack to Deluxe Vinyl Pressing

It's the first time the 1998 game's music has been released on vinyl
Mondo Treats 'Metal Gear Solid' Soundtrack to Deluxe Vinyl Pressing
Last year marked 20 years since the release of Hideo Kojima's celebrated stealth classic Metal Gear Solid, and the soundtrack aficionados at Mondo have now announced the game's music will arrive on vinyl for the first time this year.

The label will release the game's original soundtrack on wax for the first time this September. While a concrete release date has yet to be revealed, pre-orders are set to go live Wednesday (August 21) at 12 p.m. CT over here.

For the forthcoming debut vinyl issue, Metal Gear Solid's soundtrack will be pressed across two 180-gram vinyl discs, available in either green smoke or plain black variants. You can find photos of the jacket and the former variant below.

Initially released in 1998 on Japan's King Records, the Metal Gear Solid soundtrack was largely composed and performed by the Konami Computer Entertainment (KCE) Sound Team Japan, which featured Takanari Ishiyama, Gigi Meroni, Kazuki Muraoka, Lee Jeon Myung and Hiroyuki Togo.

The soundtrack also included original song "The Best Is Yet to Come," composed by Rika Muranaka and and performed by Aoife Ní Fhearraigh, as well as "Metal Gear Solid Main Theme," which was composed by Tappi Iwase.