Mono Reunite with Steve Albini on 'Requiem for Hell'

Mono Reunite with Steve Albini on 'Requiem for Hell'
The last time Japanese post-hardcore group Mono released new music, they delivered the one-two punch of their Last Dawn and Rays of Darkness albums. The veterans make their return this fall with but a single LP, but their Requiem for Hell is also said to deal with some heavy universal truths.

A press release confirms that the album found the group once again working with Chicago engineering icon Steve Albini. It's explained that Mono was touring with Albini's Shellac last year, and both parties "realized how much they missed the (often wordless) creative dialogue they shared during the making of many of their most memorable albums."

Mono first worked with Albini on 2004's Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, while Requiem for Hell follows the partnership's last collaboration, 2009's Hymn to the Immortal Wind.

A mutual friend had been pregnant during the making of Requiem for Hell, which led Mono to recording the actual in utero heartbeat of the child for the record's "Ely's Heartbeat." The song plays into the greater narrative of Requiem for Hell, which is said to inspect "the inescapable coexistence of love and loss, faith and hopelessness, light and darkness."

Gentler moments are said to be pitted against "undeniably heavier and scarier" parts of the album, including its epic 18-minute title track.

Song streams have yet to arrive in full, but you can catch a bit of the ambiance via the album trailer below. There, you'll also find the tracklisting info. 

Requiem for Hell sees release October 14 via Temporary Residence Ltd.

Requiem for Hell:

1. Death In Rebirth
2. Stellar
3. Requiem For Hell
4. Ely's Heartbeat
5. The Last Scene