Nathan Barato Freak Beater

Nathan Barato Freak Beater
Following his Paradise compilation on Hot Creations, Nathan Barato is back, with a bass-heavy bang. The Torontonian's new EP, Freak Beater, includes "Stomp Change" and "Freaks of the Industry," two tracks bound to heat up dance floors and DJ sets worldwide with their heavy bass lines, punchy vocals and staccato rhythms.
"These two cuts were made for the dancefloor," explains Barato, a veteran of the after-hours circuit in Toronto, in a press release. "I imagined an overly rammed, sweaty, red room at 5 a.m. on a Wednesday aka Paradise on the DC-10 terrace."
DC-10, one of Ibiza's most loved venues, has often featured Barato as a resident DJ, which should come as no surprise, given his ability to oscillate between genres and turn up a crowd with his tech house tunes. Creations label head and venerated DJ Jamie Jones has long sung the praises of his fellow late-night producer.
Freak Beater embodies everything there is to love about club music; it's loud, pulsing, powerful and moving. It also underscores why Barato remains one of the most talked about and playable producers right now. With a host of international gigs lined up over the coming months, he'll likely be bringing these two big room tracks to a venue near you — don't miss them. (Hot Creations)