Norman Polarity

"Who’s Norman?” asks an unidentified voice on "One Man Band,” the best answer is the song’s title itself. Norman is Seattle, WA’s Onry Ozzborn and Barfly, both of Oldominion. Polarity is a lot like Onry’s previous release, Alone, a dark album with thumping, unpredictable beats and bleak raps about psychotics and celebrities. Onry and Barfly display compatible voices and a similar glee with the subject matter. They also get outside help from the usual Oldominion guests: Pale Soul, Sinista Pushaman, and Sulfur embrace the Norman concept vocally; Smoke and Pale contribute to the musical backdrop, most noticeably with Pale’s soccer-chant of "Weastwick United F.C.” But, most often, the production comes from Onry himself. He puts down some catchy beats that utilise some unusual sample choices. There’s "(I Can’t Live Without My) Ghetto Blaster,” the drum & bass-heavy "Construction,” and "Mouthpiece,” the group name that Onry and Barfly will use next time around. Until then, will the real Norman please stand up? (Stuck Under the Needle)