Róisín Murphy Returns with 'Take Her Up to Monto'

Róisín Murphy Returns with 'Take Her Up to Monto'
While Róisín Murphy fans are no doubt still happy playing with her Hairless Toys, there's yet another album from the Irish singer coming down the pipeline. Titled Take Her Up to Monto, her next project lands July 8 through Play It Again Sam.

A press release explains that the songs featured on Take Her Up to Monto were worked on during the same sessions that produced 2015's Hairless Toys, with Murphy creating the record alongside longtime musical partner Eddie Stevens. The pair left some of these in the demo stage before recalibrating them for this latest effort.

While the album title comes from an old Irish folk song performed by the Dubliners ("Monto"), Murphy's new full-length is said to offer up disco rhythms, "dark cabaret," and textures of pop, electronica and house music. You can check out glossy but experimental dance number "Mastermind" below, courtesy of Pitchfork.

Murphy had entered the world of filmmaking during her last album cycle, self-directing clips for tracks off of Hairless Toys. While she had been influence by various directors on that first batch of videos, she's apparently taking things into a new direction for forthcoming clips, describing them as featuring "a more aggressively modern aesthetic."

She added in a statement: "It's about the London that I live in, it's a lot about architecture, it's about building and the future coming, its about here! It's a bit fizzier and more present tense, irreverent, with guerilla filming, montage and crazy shit. I hope it's a realism that makes you feel good about being alive."

Take Her Up to Monto:

1. Mastermind
2. Pretty Gardens
3. Thoughts Wasted
4.Lip Service
5. Ten Miles High
6. Whatever
7. Romantic Comedy
8. Nervous Sleep
9. Sitting and Counting