Red Pill "Ten Year Party" (video)

Red Pill 'Ten Year Party' (video)
Would you rather party for 10 years or work for the Man for the next 70? Red Pill makes his stance clear in his new video for "Ten Year Party."

The song finds the rapper dropping bleakly witty, materialism-criticizing lines over a crackling, acoustic guitar-emphasizing beat. The video is similarly downcast, as Red Pill sits on the swings, walks through a graveyard and works a blue-collar job. He's got some drinks, smokes and party favours, but he doesn't seem to be enjoying them all that much. Why oh why didn't he take the blue pill?

It was directed by Jay Brown. Watch it below.

"Ten Year Party" is from Red Pill's album Look What This World Did To Us, out now on Mello Music Group.