Scream's Dave Grohl-equipped 'Fumble' Treated to Vinyl Reissue

Scream's Dave Grohl-equipped 'Fumble' Treated to Vinyl Reissue
DC hardcore legends Scream have announced plans to put their fifth and final full-length release back on vinyl. Featuring the drum work of future Nirvana/Foo Fighters figure Dave Grohl, the Fumble reissue will hit turntables anew in May via Dischord Records.

The first vinyl edition of Fumble, released in 1993, has been long out of print, and this latest edition was remastered by TJ Lipple. However, instrumental track "Crackman" has been omitted from the vinyl release "to allow for higher sound quality." A digital download packaged with the LP includes the song, though.

Scream recorded Fumble with Eli Janney at Virginia's Inner Ear Studios in 1989. The record was the second to feature Grohl on drums, who had replaced founding drummer Kent Stax in 1986.

Further veering from the blitzed but melodic approach of Still Screaming and This Side Up, Fumble featured more rhythmic, post-hardcore fare like the bottle-slidin' "Sunmaker." While Pete Stahl handles vocals for most of the release, Grohl sings lead above the pre-grunge groove of "Gods Look Down."

Scream would break up on tour in 1990. The tapes for Fumble would sit for a few years before Dischord issued the album. A CD version had tacked on the group's 1986 album, Banging the Drum.

Not long after the breakup, Pete and Franz Stahl moved to Los Angeles to form alt-rock project Wool, while Grohl would join Nirvana. In 1997, Franz Stahl reunited with Grohl as the guitarist for the Foo Fighters, but he left before the group recorded 1999's There Is Nothing Left to Lose.


1. Caffeine Dream
2. Sunmaker
3. Mardi Gras
4. Man Torn Down
5. Gods Look Down
6. Gas
7. Dying Days
8. Poppa Says
9. Rain
10. Crackman (digital bonus track)