​Sheryl Crow Shares New Version of "Redemption Day" Featuring Johnny Cash

The song is slated to appear on her final album 'Threads'
​Sheryl Crow Shares New Version of 'Redemption Day' Featuring Johnny Cash
Sheryl Crow has recently collaborated with St. Vincent and will soon tour with Heart, but her musical latest team-up is with Johnny Cash.
The late country star's vocals appear on a new version of Crow's track "Redemption Day," which is slated to appear on her upcoming album — an LP titled Threads that she claims will be her last.
The song originally appeared on Crow's 1996 self-titled album, and Cash covered the tune for a posthumous release in 2003.
Cash's vocals have now blended with a version that hears Crow ditching the guitar in favour of piano, making for a much more solemn-sounding rendition. It's appropriate, given the song's strong anti-war sentiment.

In a Medium post about the song, Crow wrote:

The song is a song of hope, as it speaks of freedom…the freedom we are all born into. However, freedom is a word that sadly has been weaponized by some, as if defending our freedom justifies suppressing that of others. Freedom is the sacred promise our country was based on. Johnny fought for freedom his entire life. If we deny the freedom of another because of their religion, their gender, their sexual orientation or otherwise, then what is our own freedom really worth?
Cash passed away in 2003, just months after the death of his wife June Carter. Crow performed at both of their funerals that year.
Stream "Redemption Day" below,