Slim Twig "Hover on a Sliver (Repulsion Revisited)" (video)

Slim Twig 'Hover on a Sliver (Repulsion Revisited)' (video)
Is Slim Twig's fantastic Hound at the Hem album as freaky as filmmaker Roman Polanski's horror-thriller classic Repulsion? You'll have to make that call for yourself by spinning Slim's new video for "Hover on a Sliver," subtitled Repulsion Revisited for good reason.

As you'll see down below, the video for the skewed, organ-heavy baroque-pop number stars a night-gowned, Catherine Deneuve-type engaging in activities such as sketching portraits of Slim Twig, assuming a crouched fetal position in the living room, and jumping rope in a courtyard. It's all a bit unsettling, though perhaps not as much as the psychological terror of the source material.

Tour dates:

01/15 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle *
01/06 Cleveland, OH - Happy Dog *
01/17 Brooklyn, NY - Palisades *
01/18 New York, NY - Cake Shop *
01/19 Boston, MA - Middle East Upstairs *
01/21 Montreal, QC - Bar Le Ritz *
01/23 Toronto, ON - Silver Dollar

* with US Girls