Slim Twig "Slippin' Slidin'" (Eric Copeland remix)

Slim Twig 'Slippin' Slidin'' (Eric Copeland remix)
Slim Twig has offered up a twist on his recent Thank You for Stickin' with Twig single "Slippin'Slidin'" by letting Black Dice's Eric Copeland take the reins with a bleak and eerie remix.

While the original track itself featured an ominous wash of wah-wah-saturated guitars, Copeland take the tune from gutter glam sonics into a more inward and robotic direction.

A cyclical four-on-the-floor kick is complemented with unsettling siren sounds, sci-fi keyboard patches reminiscent of early days Devo, and a loop of a spy-style guitar riff. It twists and mutates itself throughout its runtime, but stays spooky the whole way through.

You'll find the remix down below, while Slim Twig's Thank You for Stickin' with Twig arrives August 7 through DFA Records.