Slim Twig "Slippin' Slidin'" (video)

Slim Twig 'Slippin' Slidin'' (video)
Eclectic Torontonian Slim Twig is saying Thank You for Stickin' with Twig on his new LP, and with the LP slated to arrive on August 7 through DFA Records, the track "Slippin' Slidin'" has gotten a music video.

The heavy song has an ominous art-rock vibe, and this gives the goofy accompanying video a sense of sinister menace. In the clip, a woman fastens a dog mask onto a person and then pets said anthropomorphic pooch and takes it on a walk.

Twig said in a statement about the video, "It's all in keeping with the theme of the song. I see the song as an ambiguous take on sexual politics. Are we owned in some sense by those that take pleasure from our bodies? Are we equal to, or submissive of someone while we objectify them, or are objectified ourselves? Is it possible that liberation may in some instances be a consequence of being objectified?"

The video is a collaboration between LuLu Hazel Turnbull and Twig. Watch it below.