SonReal "Can I Get a Witness" (video)

SonReal 'Can I Get a Witness' (video)
Earlier this month, Vancouver rapper SonReal revealed a post-For the Town single called "Can I Get a Witness." Being a dude that loves good, conceptual video, he's now streamed out a clip modelled after a courtroom drama.

To the bounce of his piano-looping pop rap track, we see a prosecutor chewing out the MC, though SonReal quickly steps up to state his case. He does this by wigging out with some severely shaken choreography, inspiring one jury member to pull a few fresh moves of her own, and then cuddling a kitten.

Beyond this, the defence rests with the statement: "I ain't perfect, but I am the man."

The clip, which features cameos from characters that have appeared throughout SonReal's videography, can be found below.

"Can I Get a Witness" is expected to appear on a forthcoming album titled One Long Dream.