Stereotyperider Songs In The Key Of F And U

Despite having been around for about ten years, having released a bunch of really great records and landing spots on some high profile tours (Big Wig, International Noise Conspiracy), Stereotyperider still aren't at the forefront of the equally awesome and fickle beard punk scene. Considering their new release, Songs In The Key Of F And U, sounds like Small Brown Bike meets Hot Water Music, it's a little bit shocking that these guys aren't getting tons of attention. That said, members of Stereotyperider have settled in their hometown of Phoenix, and with no real plans to tour extensively they seem content to just release awesome records every few years. There's no better time to give this band a chance and check out the desperately melodic vocals and the crunchy schizophrenic guitar lines that define Stereotyperider's sound. "Did You Hear What I Meant?" evokes a late '90s vibe that just feels like home for so many aging, jaded fans of punk music today. The guitars give this record a discordant sort of tension, while the structures and melodic vocals keep this record in the realm of early pop punk like Samiam. There's no doubt in my mind that if these guys pushed hard and landed some good tours they could catapult themselves to the top of the genre. The fact that they don't really want to makes them even more awesome. (Suburban Home)